Cute And Unique Party Invites For Your Guests: Baby Bib Invitations

March 2008

Planning your baby shower is something you and your friends have been busy with over the past few weeks. It’s very important that everything in this party works out well; after all, it’s your way of celebrating your upcoming parenthood. There are numerous aspects to remember when planning for a baby shower—the food, the party favors, the decorations, the program, and of course, the invitations!

Since you want everything to be special for your baby’s party, even the tiniest details, such as the invitations, have to be adorable. That’s why you don’t want to settle with the usual square-shaped invites you see in party supply stores. If you’re looking for a cute and unique baby shower invitation, here’s an idea you should try: baby bib invitations! They’re cute, special and they deviate from the usual square invites you see at many baby showers.

Baby bib invitations are party invites that appear in the shape of a bib’s silhouette, with the details regarding the celebration printed on the surface. Many people enjoy these party invites because they have a cute appeal, and they can be easily made. They also don’t cost much compared to other special baby shower invitations.

Although there are some stores that sell ready-made baby bib invitations, there are some planners who prefer to make their own. It’s easy to make this type of invitation. All you need is some colored paper (use pink for a baby girl, blue for a boy, and green or yellow if the gender’s still unknown), scissors and some coloring materials. Cut out the bib shapes and then write in the party details on the surface. If you want a more fabric-like texture, you can use felt paper instead of ordinary paper.

 Animal Bib
 Pink Bib
 Bear Bib

If you like baby bib invitations, but you think homemade ones look a bit tacky and awkward, another idea is to have custom-print invites on real baby bibs. There are party stores that provide this service to eager baby shower hosts. Of course, this can be a bit costly, so make sure you have the budget if you’re going to try this invitation.

Baby bib invites are cute and delightful. Use these for your baby shower, and your guests will surely appreciate these items! For more information regarding this article, read Baby Shower Ideas.


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