Baby Shower Guessing Game: Baby Pictionary

March 2008

baby showerBaby showers are usually filled with fun, but sometimes drama and cheesy moments make their way into the celebration. Many people become overly-emotional at the thought of a new life being born into the world. Sometimes, the emotions overflow and people become too teary-eyed to celebrate. That’s why you should always have games during your party! Baby shower games brighten up the event, making it more entertaining and lively.

gamesThe best baby shower games are those that allow all the guests to join in, but won’t be too tiring. Remember, you’re most likely to invite adults such as yourself, and they would feel embarrassed to join in games that are too childish. What you need is a fun and lively game that won’t require too much from your guests. Here’s a good idea: why don’t you play baby pictionary? It’s a simple game that will have everyone laughing.

gamesIf you’re familiar with the typical pictionary game, then you’ll be able to play baby pictionary. It’s a fun guessing game that’s similar to charades, but instead of acting out the things to be guessed, the players draw them on paper instead. That’s why baby pictionary is very fun to play.

Before you can do this activity, you have to prepare the materials first. You will need paper, pencils, a timer and playing cards. These playing cards contain words or phrases about babies. You can write all sorts of things, such as diapers, cribs, baby bottles. If you want, you can also put in phrases such as “diaper changing” or “singing lullabies”. As long as it’s related to babies, it’s okay.

gamesDivide the guests into two teams. For every round, ask a volunteer from each team, who’ll pick a playing card and do the drawings. The teams are then given a time limit, where the volunteers will draw the word/s to be guessed, while their respective teammates try to guess it. The group that solves the puzzle first before time’s up wins the round. The team that wins the most number of rounds wins the game.

For a truly enjoyable baby shower game, you should play baby pictionary. Everyone will have a wonderful and cheerful time without getting worn out! For more information regarding this article, read how to play pictionary.

  1. Lolercon said,

    on 2008-09-18 at 22:28:05

    Ah pictionaries. It's one of my most favorite party games ever. Baby pictionary sounds like it could be interesting although I think the theme would be rather limiting?

  2. Sharon said,

    on 2008-10-07 at 20:13:31

    I suck at pictionary. Artsy people always win in this game because they can easily draw what's on the card. Still, I'll include this game for my friend's baby shower next month. I'm not gonna join though, because I know I'll just lose.

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