Baby Shower Traditions: Popular Customs When Celebrating This Event

March 2008

baby shower

As soon as you heard your best friend is having a baby, you immediately set out to plan one very important party for her: a baby shower! Before her little angel comes out, it’s only right for her to celebrate it with the people she cares for including her family and closest friends. Baby showers are fun events, filled with laughter, activities, gifts for the baby and advice for the parents-to-be.

The origin of baby showers can’t be pointed out exactly, but many people believed this practice dates back to the ancient times. During the Victorian Era, the baby shower was simply a tea party, held in the afternoon. The guests were the closest female friends of the mother-to-be, and they gather together to talk, to wish the new mommy good luck and give small gifts for the child. It was a simple and quaint event.

baby shower

Today, baby showers are considered one of the most important celebrations for parents. Of course, how this party is planned and celebrate has changed over time. Although many old baby shower traditions are still widely seen, new ones have also emerged.

Here are several popular baby shower traditions planners and parents-to-be adhere to today.

  • Before, baby showers were hosted by someone who’s outside of the mom’s family, such as a friend or a close co-worker, but today, almost anyone can host the shower, including the sister, the aunt or best friend of the mom. Sometimes, even cousins, or church/temple friends can host the shower.
  • Baby showers are held when the mom is at least seven or eight months pregnant, when her tummy is very obvious already.
  • Traditionally, women are the only ones who go to the party, especially during the early times. Today, men, especially the mom-to-be’s husband, are also invited to the baby shower.
  • baby shower
    baby shower
    baby shower

  • The party was always held in the mom-to-be’s home, but for people who have adequate money to spend, restaurants, bars, and country clubs are also great places to hold the event.
  • Guests bring gifts for the baby during this party. After all, that is the main purpose of the event, to ’shower” the child with presents and blessings.
  • Full meals are rarely served during baby showers, perhaps because the celebration stemmed from a tea party tradition. The food during this party consists of appetizers, finger food, sweets and pastry (cakes, cookies and muffins) and beverages, such as coffee, wine, or juice.
  • baby shower
    baby shower
    baby shower

  • The one who hosts the event is the one who pays for the party. They consider it their present for the mommy-to-be.

It’s fun to have a baby shower, and it’s a party any parent would cherish for the rest of his/her life. If you’re going to have one, just keep these traditions in mind. They can help you create the perfect party for any mom-to-be! If you’re interested in reading this article, you’ll surely enjoy learning the Top Ten Baby shower theme ideas.

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