Naming Baby Songs: The Baby Song List Game

March 2008

It’s always fun to go to a baby shower, no matter how mushy or dramatic it may be. It’s the parents’ way of welcoming a new life along with the people they care for, such as their families and friends. Baby showers always include lots of eating, merrymaking and storytelling. There are also fun games that amuse and excite the parents and the guests.

You can play numerous games during baby showers. Sometimes, they’re like children’s parlor games, and are very lively and tiring. However, many adults feel a bit awkward when they play these childish games. For them, being all sweaty during a baby shower is not appealing. That’s why they prefer to stick to quiet and simple games that’ll let them enjoy the event, but will not make them tired. One very popular example of these quiet games is the Baby Song List.

Contrary to what you think, the Baby Song List doesn’t require participants to have baby-handling skills or knowledge with children. It’s simply a game that tests how many songs they’re familiar with. Baby Song List is a game anyone can relate to. You won’t need any materials for this game. Just provide the guests with pieces of paper and pens, and you’re ready to start.

The main rule of the Baby Song List is this: at a given time limit, everyone must write down all the songs they know that contains the word “baby” in their title. Any type of song goes, as long as it’s factual. For example, songs such as Sweet Baby, Baby, Don’t You Break My Heart Slow, Baby Love, Rock-a-Bye Baby, My Baby, One For My Baby and Baby Come Back can be written down. The person who lists down the most songs at the end of the time limit wins the game.

Playing the Baby Song  game
 Writing all the songs that she knew
Taking the time to think

If you want to make the game more difficult, tell the guests to write down who sang the song. Those who are able to, earn double points for every correct answer. The guests will feel more challenged with this rule.

Baby Song List is a game you should try out at a baby shower. It is fun and enjoyable, but no one will become tired and sweaty. If you enjoy reading this article, you’ll surely love to read The Guide to Baby music and as a bonus learn more Baby Shower Ideas.

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