Cartoon Baby Shower Theme: A Cheerful Party For The New Baby

March 2008

When someone is having a baby, everyone immediately becomes excited for her, especially the people she’s close to. They not only want her to be happy about the pregnancy, but also want to celebrate it with her. That’s why a few month before her little angel comes out, they throw an enjoyable baby shower party for her. It’s an intimate event, filled with merrymaking, delicious food, gift-giving and games.

Before you can really start planning the baby shower, you need to settle on one very important aspect: the theme of the event. Baby showers aren’t complete without a motif. A party theme holds all the different aspects together, and also makes the party more enjoyable. Since it’s a baby shower, you need something that everyone can relate to, but also has something to do with babies.

A cartoon baby shower is a great example of a cohesive party theme. It’s enjoyable and cheerful. Any guest will be able to relate to a cartoon baby shower theme. As children, they probably enjoyed different cartoon shows, which is why they know how fun a cartoon shower can be.

It’s great to have a mix of cartoon characters during your baby shower, but if you want, you can settle on just one cartoon. It all depends on what’s practical for you and what the mom-to-be wants.

It’s not very difficult to plan a cartoon baby shower. Here are several suggestions you can use.

Cartoon Baby Shower Invitations: Creative Cartoon Invites

pooh invitation

If you’ve settled on just one cartoon theme, find ready-made invitations from party supply stores. They can save you a lot of time and effort. Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes characters are popular options among many baby shower planners.

If you can’t find the cartoon characters of your choice, you can simply create your own invitations. You just need some colored paper and coloring materials. All it takes is a bit of creativity. If you don’t know how to draw, just get some images from the Internet, have them printed out on your PC and paste them neatly on another piece of paper. Fill in the party details.

Character Decors: Cartoon Decorations

You can buy cartoon character decorations from party supply shops, such as banners and streamers. If you want, you can also get cutouts of the cartoon character of your choice, and then paste them on the walls.

baby taz
powerpuff girls

It’s nice to have cartoon character table centerpieces. If you can find figurines of your favorite characters, use them as centerpieces. If you can’t find any, use food items! Create edible statues out of your favorite fruits and then put them in the middle of the table.

Delightful Snacks: Cartoon Party Food

You can use the cartoon character for your food decorations. For example, your cookies could have the face of baby Tweety Bird or the Powerpuff Girls frosted on them. You can also use the cartoon decoration on your cake as well.

mickey cupcake
spongebob cookie
toon cupcake

Here’s another fun idea: think about the cartoon character you’ve used for your theme—what is his or her favorite food item? If you picked Mickey Mouse, cheese and crackers would be delightful treats. If you’ve chosen the Little Mermaid, seafood would be perfect.

Cartoon Activities: Baby Shower Games

A cartoon baby shower will be no fun without enjoyable party games to entertain the guests! One fun idea is Cartoon Charades, where several participants try to reenact a popular animated film, while the others try to guess what cartoon it is (Learn how to play charades). Another would be Cartoon Pairs, where the guests match one cartoon character with another related character. The person who gets the most correct answers wins the game.

When everyone gets tired of playing the game, you can all amuse yourselves by watching several episodes of the cartoon you’ve chosen.

Cartoon Giveaways: Baby Shower Party Favors

looney toons

Don’t let your guests go home without anything to help them remember their time at the party! Give them soaps or candles carved in the shape of cartoon characters (Tips on how to make a soap). Photo frames with cartoon designs are also delightful options.

A cartoon baby shower will certainly delight the mom-to-be and the guests! Use this theme for your next party, and let everyone feel like a child again. They’ll feel more excited about the arrival of the new baby!

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