Fun Picture Guessing Game: Guess The Baby Pictures

March 2008

A Fun Baby Shower

The best way to celebrate a pregnancy is by having a baby shower. For many parents, especially the moms-to-be, this is one of the most memorable events in their lives. It’s fun to have a baby shower. There are lots of stories to hear, food to eat, gift to open, and of course, games to play! That’s because even if baby showers are supposed to be cheesy and cutesy events, adults want to put some fun into the celebration.

Although adults love playing baby shower games, the problem with these is they can be a bit tiring. There are games that require the guests to run around and become all sweaty, and although they’re fun, they can be embarrassing. No adult wants to become sweaty and smelly during this event. If you’re going to have a baby shower, you should stick to fun, but quiet games. One very good example is the Guess the Baby Picture game. Remember how different you looked when you were a baby? Well, this game will remind you of that! It’s not exhausting, but it’ll definitely catch everyone’s attention.

Having fun guessing the picture
The Oldies have the ideas
Looking on it seriously

Guess The Baby Picture requires all of the guests’ participation and their baby pictures. When you send the invitations, ask everyone to bring their baby pictures from when they were a year old (or younger). Then, when they arrive, get the pictures and post them on a board. Then, when the time for the game begins, let all the guests gather in front of the board. Ask them to guess who is in each picture. Whoever makes the most correct guesses gets a prize.

To add a bit of fun to the game, ask the guests to bring funny pictures. When the others are able to guess who the person is, ask them to tell the story behind the picture they have given. Everyone will have a great time laughing and reminiscing about their childhood.

Guess The Baby Picture is an enjoyable game you should have at your baby shower. Try it out, and watch your guests have a great time! For more information regarding this article, read Baby Shower Ideas.

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The Baby Picture Guessing Game