The Diaper Raffle: Giving Out Prizes During Your Baby Shower

March 2008

You’ve been to several baby showers already, and you’re pretty much aware of how everything goes. You know how the program goes, who attends, what food is served, which venues and decorations are practical and what games to play. That’s why you already have a good idea of what want now that it’s time for your own baby shower. As an excited mom-to-be, it’s only natural for you to celebrate your little angel’s arrival.

baby shower gamesOf all the important considerations for a baby shower, the one you worry about the most are the games. There are numerous activities and games played during baby showers. The problem is that some of them can be too common or too cheesy. What you’re looking for is an entertaining activity you and your guests will enjoy that won’ make the guests feel too embarrassed to participate. Here’s a good idea: why don’t you have a Diaper Raffle game during your party?

If you’ve ever entered a raffle, you’ll pretty much have an idea how a Diaper Raffle works. Many people enjoy this game since it’s not very tiring, yet it excites everyone at the party. The Diaper Raffle is just like other raffles, except for one rule: to participate, the guests will have to bring diaper packs.

Before the event, the planner must let the invited people know about the Diaper Raffle by in the invitation. The guests must know that a raffle will be held during the party and they must bring packs of diapers to serve as their raffle ticket. When they arrive at the party, the party host (or emcee) will number their diapers with a marker, write the number down and hand it to the guest.

diaper raffle
diaper raffle
diaper raffle

During the program, the emcee will announce that the mom-to-be will be holding the Diaper Raffle draw. From all the diaper packs, she picks one and then reads out the number to the guest. The person who holds the paper with the number gets to win a special prize. The draw can be repeated several times, depending on how many prizes are to be given.

diaper raffleAside from providing entertainment, the Diaper Raffle also allows the parents to receive a huge supply of diapers for their baby, since the mom gets to keep all the diaper packs after the raffle. It’s a game that is beneficial for both the guests and the host.

The next time you’ve run out of activities for your baby shower, have a Diaper Raffle. It’s a simple game, but one that’ll certainly capture everyone’s attention. If you enjoy reading this article, you’ll surely be entertained in learning The Guide to Baby Diaper and as a bonus, read how to host a party.

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