Practicing Parenting Skills: Dress The Baby Game

February 2008

Dress the Baby Game

There are a lot of good things that come out of baby showers. The parents-to-be receive gifts for their little angel, and they also get to spend time with their closest family members and friends. Baby showers involve eating, merrymaking and tons of laughter. Guests offer their congratulations to the couple, while socializing with each other. They also play lots of fun and exciting games during these events.

The best baby shower games are those that allow the parents and guests to reminisce and remember their experiences as moms and dads. One type of game played in many baby showers today is Dress the Baby. This fun game lets the guests practice their parental instincts, but with an exciting and unique twist.

A man dressed up like a baby

Dress The Baby doesn’t need any complex materials for it to be played. The players need a stopwatch, two life-size baby dolls and baby clothes.
There must be a complete outfit for each doll, consisting of shirts, pants, underwear, diapers, socks and shoes.

The guests are divided into two teams, each provided with a doll and clothes. The stopwatch is set to a particular time limit, and at the signal of the emcee, the teams will start to dress the dolls. The clothes must be put on neatly, as if the teams were handling a real baby. Once the time limit is over, the emcee inspects the two dolls, and the team that’s able to put on the most clothes properly and neatly wins the game.

Dress The Baby can also be played as a relay. The teams line up away from the table where the dolls and their clothes are placed. When the emcee gives the signal, one team member form each team runs to the doll and puts a clothing item on it. Then he or she returns to the line, as another team runs to put on another clothing item on the doll. The rest follows, and the team that completes the outfit first, wins.

Dress The Baby is a fun game played in almost every baby shower today. If you’re having a shower, you should play this game. You’ll surely have a great time laughing as your guests scramble and hurry to show their parenting skills!

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Having Fun on Dressing the Baby Game

  1. erika samson said,

    on 2008-09-23 at 01:14:54

    OMG what is that picture? Is that a man dressed as a baby? Oh God that looks really creepy! That doesn't look cute at all!

  2. darrellstomps010 said,

    on 2008-10-07 at 02:18:58

    LOL, what's with the pictures? That doll scared the bejeesus out of me when the page loaded, and that man with the huge diaper is hilarious (and kinda disgusting). Nice article, though. I'll send the link to my friends and see what they think of it.

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