Reliving The Child In You: Finish The Baby Rhyme Game

February 2008

Baby Shower Cake

It’s always fun attending a baby shower. It’s not just because you get to congratulate parents on their wonderful blessing, but you also get to spend time with your friends. A baby shower often includes snacks, merry-making and funny stories about the joys of parenthood.

There’s one very fun thing about this type of party: it allows even the oldest of grown-ups to act like a child again! Baby showers often include enjoyable games and activities that can make any adult glow with laughter and excitement.

Focusing on what the emcee says

The best baby shower activities are not only those that remind adults of being a parent, but also those that let them reminisce their childhood days. Games like those make them feel nostalgic, and remind them how much fun being a kid was. One type of baby shower game popular among many people is Finish the Baby Rhyme. Many baby shower guests like this because it’s a fun game, but not very tiring.

The participants in the Finish the Baby Rhyme game don’t need any materials or tools. The emcee or the host needs only a book filled with rhymes in it. Before the game, rhymes used for the game are chosen from the book.

Raising their hands for answer

The emcee asks everyone to sit, and using the book, he or she reads out loud a line from a rhyme, but with a word missing. The guests have to guess the missing word. Here are three popular examples:

  • Little Miss Muffet, sat on a ________, eating her ________ and whey.
  • Mary had a little lamb; its fleece was white as ________.
  • Hey diddle, diddle, the ________ and the fiddle.

Winner of Rhyme Game

The guest who guesses the most words wins the game.

The wonderful thing about Finish the Baby Rhyme is that you can play it anytime during the party. Whether as a program opening, an ice breaker or as a snack time game, guests will enjoy this game. Sometimes, hosts even use CDs instead of books when playing the game.

For a fun baby shower activity, let your guests play Finish the Baby Rhyme. See how many of them still remember their childhood rhymes and how many could make the correct guess.

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