A Game For The Mommy-To-Be: Guess The Baby Item

March 2008

baby shower gameYou’re throwing a baby shower for one of your best friends and you’ve invited her closest relatives and friends to join you for the celebration. Everything is going smoothly, until you notice that things are slowly becoming boring. Although everyone is enjoying themselves, you realize the party needs a bit of excitement. What you need to do is have fun activities that’ll entertain the guests. Why not play baby shower games? They’re a very amusing past time you can turn to liven up the party!

baby shower gameUsually, baby shower games require the guests to participate and get into the action to amuse the mom-to-be, since she can’t move around too much anymore because of her tummy. Even so, when the guests become a bit weary, you should also let the mom participate in the fun. The games she should play must be fun, but not exhausting. In this case, one kind that you can play is “Guess the Baby Item”. It’s a simple but enjoyable activity that’ll delight both the mommy and the guests.

baby shower gameYou won’t need a lot of hard-to-find materials when playing Guess the Baby Item. In fact, most of the things you’ll need are already found at the party. You only need a variety of baby products and a blindfold. The objective of the game is to orient the mom-to-be with the different items she’ll need for her little angel. So if the woman is a first-time mommy, this game will certainly be fun for her.

baby shower gameBefore the game starts, prepare a large bag and put a variety of baby items in it. You can get feeding items, funny and unusual baby toys (For more information on baby toys, read The Guide to Baby toys) or bath items. Anything will do, as long as they are baby related. Make sure the mom doesn’t see what you put in the bag; otherwise you’ll give the game away.

When the baby bag is all set, let the mom sit in the middle of the room with a blindfold tied over her eyes. Let her take one item from the bag at a time, and tell her baby shower guests what the thing she’s holding is. The mommy gets a point for every item she guesses correctly. If she gets the item wrong, she has to answer a question from the guests.

Guess The Baby Item is a simple, but amusing game you should have at a baby shower. Everyone will certainly find this activity enjoyable, especially the mom-to-be! If you enjoy reading this article, you’ll be amazed in learning the Top Ten Baby Shower Theme Ideas.

  1. marielle e said,

    on 2008-10-02 at 20:14:50

    Nice game! This is actually a pretty interesting activity to try out. The only problem would be if something is too specialized that she won't know what it is, i.e., unique toys manufactured by just a single company.

  2. Rhian Rose said,

    on 2008-10-09 at 22:16:28

    So she tries to feel the item with her hands and guesses what it is? Sounds fun! But I kinda agree with Marielle. If the item is too specific, it's hard to guess what it is.

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