How Well Do You Know Mommy?: An Enjoyable Guessing Game For Your Baby Shower

February 2008

The mom-to- be

Aside from the food, the merrymaking and spending time with the guests, there’s one very important thing many moms-to-be enjoy about baby showers: the games! Expecting mommies love to see their guests laughing and playing around, while celebrating their blessing. Even just for a day, grown-ups feel and act as if they are once again children having fun.

Although there are baby shower parlor games, such as relays and “bring me” games, that require guests to be energetic, there are also activities that aren’t tiring at all. Sometimes, all that the guests need is basic knowledge and a sense of fun. One example is the “How Well Do You Know Mommy?” guessing game.

 Writing it all down and win
Writing down what she knows
Busy with the game

There’s no need for toys or materials when you’re playing “How Well Do You Know Mommy?” Since baby showers are usually small gatherings, and the people invited to these are those closest to the mom-to-be, they know her personality, including her likes and dislikes. They will then be able to relate to the game.

Before the actual event, the planner asks the mother to answer a set of questions about her. The questions vary, from what’s her favorite baby food, favorite TV program as a child, first crush, allergies to her childhood ambition. The mom-to-be writes down her answers on an index card. The planner then keeps the card, holding onto it until the next day.

Her Best Friends

During the shower, the emcee asks the guests to gather around. They either compete against each other individually, or the guests are grouped in two teams. The emcee asks the same questions to the guests, and the individual or the team who gets the most number of correct answers wins.

Playing “How Well Do You Know Mommy?” is a good deviation from the usual tiring games people have during baby showers. You can play this game as an ice breaker before the actual event, or you can do this while everyone is sitting and resting after eating. It’s simple enough to play, but it’s very entertaining.

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