Dirty Diaper Fun: Pass The Diaper Game

March 2008

Baby Shower

Baby showers are always enjoyable events. They not only allow the parents or mom-to-be to socialize, but also let the child receive gifts he or she can use while growing up. Baby showers include a lot of snacks, gift-giving and the exchange of stories about parenthood. They also have games to keep the guests happy and entertained.

Even if some people prefer baby shower games that don’t require them to run around or keep standing, there are others who feel that exciting games are important for the event. Lively games not only break the ice, but also allow people to feel as if they’re kids again. One very popular example of this type of game is the Pass the Diaper. It’s very common among many baby showers, and is liked by many people because of its exciting nature.

Explaining the Diaper Game

Explaining the Diaper Game

Also known as Pass the Dirty Diaper or The Dirty Diaper Circle, this baby shower game reminds parents of one of the most challenging and icky parts of being a parent: diaper-changing (Learn how to change a diaper). Dealing with dirty diapers is something no parent enjoys, but they have to endure it. Pass The Diaper shows them that in an amusing manner.

The materials for Pass the Diaper are simple: a music player, some melted chocolate and a diaper. The melted chocolate is placed inside the diaper to make it look like baby poo.

 The Winner
The Dirty Diaper
 Gram taking some of the poop

The participants are asked to stand in a circle, with one of them holding the “soiled” diaper in their hands. When the emcee starts playing the music, the diaper is passed by the person to the one next to him or her, quickly, but not too hastily, so the “poo” inside won’t spill. When the music stops, the person holding the diaper is out of the game. The game goes on until only one person is left. He or she then gets a prize.

If you want an exciting baby shower game everyone can play, you should try playing Pass the Diaper. It’s guaranteed to have the guests laughing! For more information regarding this article, read Baby Shower Ideas.

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