Pass The Piggy!: The Piggy Bank Advice Baby Shower Game

February 2008

When it’s time for your baby shower, you’re expected to have lots of food, merrymaking and fun activities that your guests will surely enjoy. Amidst all their good wishes, kind words, and their toasts to the new member of your family, you want them to have a fun and exciting time that they’ll remember even after your baby has been born. The best way to do this is to organize enjoyable parlor games that everyone can join in.

Baby shower games are fun, but even if they are, not everyone is in the mood to run around and get tired. If you have invited elderly guests, such as your aunts or your parents, they surely will not want to join in, since they’re not that nimble anymore.

The best way to solve this is by making sure you have activities that are fun but do not require much moving around. One enjoyable example is the Piggy Bank Advice Activity. It won’t require your guests to move around, but, it will certainly be memorable for you as a mom-to-be.

Piggy Bank Advice is very easy to play, and the good thing about this activity is it doesn’t require a lot of materials. All you’ll need is a cute piggy bank, some loose change and small pieces of paper. Before the activity, distribute the paper to your guests, and tell them to write a short message addressed to you. It could be advice, a funny quote, or a joke, just as long as it says something about parenthood.

Before you begin the activity, ask the guests to gather around you while holding the small pieces of paper in their hands. When the emcee hands the piggy bank to the guest, he or she reads out the message written on his or her paper, then drops it along with some change inside the piggy bank. Afterwards, he or she passes the bank to the next guest, and he or she does the same. The cycle continues, until every guest has said his or her piece.

The Piggy Bank Advice is preferred by many people because it’s not tiring, yet it brings lots of fun to the mom-to-be. It’s a great feeling to hear words of wisdom, advice and encouragement from the people you are close to. Some mothers even take the written messages and have them framed as a sweet reminder of the fun event that commemorated their motherhood.

If you want a fun, but not very tiring activity for your baby shower, the Piggy Bank Advice is an option you should consider. You’ll surely find yourself enjoying all the sweet words given to you by your loved ones on you and your baby’s special day.

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