A Super Bowl Theme: Combining Football With Your Baby Shower Celebration

March 2008

There’s nothing more wonderful than knowing a new baby’s on the way, which is why you’ve decided to throw a fun and enjoyable baby shower for your best friend. With this get-together, her close friends and family members can spend time with her and give her good wishes and gifts she can use for her baby.

You’re still trying to decide on what theme to use for the party, when you realize something: it’s already Super Bowl season! The football excitement is becoming apparent again, which gives you a wonderful idea—why not have a Super Bowl Theme for your baby shower party. It’ll be an enjoyable choice, especially if everyone who you plan to invite loves football.

A Super Bowl baby shower is like typical Super Bowl parties, except it contains a bit more cheesiness and is more baby-oriented. Usually, these parties are made for co-ed or men only showers. Here are several helpful tips you can turn to when you’re going to have a super Super Bowl baby shower.

Football Invites: Super Bowl Baby Shower Invitations

A Super Bowl Invitation

If you don’t have time to spare, you can easily get invitations with football designs from typical party supply stores, but if you want to be a bit more creative, you can make your own homemade invitations. One simple idea is to cut out invitations in football shapes, and then print the party details on them. You can also draw cute cartoons for the invites, such as a baby holding a football while he or she is sleeping.

Another wonderful idea for a Super Bowl invitation is to get small inexpensive footballs (blue, plastic ones would work) and then glue baby related items on them, such as a pacifier or safety pin. Attach a note to the invites, with the party details on it.

Football-Style Decorations: Super Bowl Decorations

Super bowl baby shower decorations can be as simple as confetti, balloons and streamers, but you should also get a baby shower diaper cake to serve as the centerpiece. Maybe you can even find one with football decorations all over it. (Learn how to make a diaper cake)

You should also get football-related table items for your baby shower. Serving trays, cups, and plates can be used for the party.

Super Delicious Treats: Super Bowl Baby Shower Party Food

If you attend a traditional Super Bowl party, the food is delicious, but not very classy. Pizza, burgers, chips and chicken wings are popular examples. To add a baby shower twist to these foods, why not include items such as applesauce, mashed potatoes and fruits and vegetables to the spread? Think of foods that babies eat or that reminds you of babies.

As for the drinks, you can still serve beer and other alcohol, but be careful not to let the mommy drink, since it’s bad for the baby.

 Exciting chips
 Yummy Burger
 Delicious Pizza

A Super Fun Time: Super Bowl Baby Shower Games

Aside from watching the football game on TV, you should also prepare some enjoyable games of your own to play during the party. One fun example is the “Quarter Back” game. The rule of the game is that everyone watches the game in total silence. Anyone who yells or cheers has to drop a quarter in a piggy bank, which is then given as a gift to the baby.

Another game you can play is the “Receiving End” game. It’s a diaper-changing relay, but with one twist—the participants have to put on the nappy on a life-sized baby doll while watching the football game. Let the daddies play this game to practice this funny baby care routine.

Football Memories: Super Bowl Baby Shower Party Favors

Mini Football Souvenir

You can’t let your guests leave without party favors to help them remember the event! Give them football-shaped soaps or candles. A baby figurine holding a football would also be a great giveaway. Another fun remembrance is to have the whole event videotaped and give them a copy. Of course, you’ll have to send these after the party.


Combining a Super Bowl celebration with a new baby’s arrival is definitely a wonderful and fun-filled idea. If you’re hosting a baby shower and it falls during the exciting football season, try this unique party theme. Your guests not only get to enjoy their favorite sport, but also get to celebrate the wonderful blessing the couple has received. For more information regarding this article, read Superbowl Party Ideas.

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