The Potty Run: Tinkle In The Pot Game

March 2008

baby showerBaby showers are certainly fun events, but they won’t be complete without one very important factor: a game, of course! Baby showers always includes lots of laughter and merrymaking, thanks in part to the various baby shower games played during these affairs.

There are different kinds of shower games played today. There are some games that are simple and quiet, while others are extremely energetic. Of course, when the guests are in the mood for a little excitement, they prefer the energetic type of games. One very popular example is Tinkle in the Pot. It’s an enjoyable game that reminds everyone about one of the most difficult aspects of maternity.

masking tape

When a woman is pregnant, she’s always running to the bathroom to urinate. Tinkle in the Pot imitates that act. It’s a fun game that allows the guests to laugh about this particular pregnancy behavior.

To play Tinkle in the Pot, there are some things you need to have, including several coins (preferably quarters), glass bowls or pickle jars, and some masking tape. Each participant should have at least two coins.

potty run
potty run
potty run

Before the game, the guests are divided into teams with four to five members each. The teams then stand up behind a line made from masking tape. At the other end of the room are the jars or bowls, one for each team. At the emcee’s signal, one member from each team should place a coin in between his or her knees and waddle to the pot, without dropping or handling the coin. Once the participant reaches the pot, he or she drops the coin in it and then goes back to the team. The next team member then does the same. If a person drops the coin along the way or misses placing it in the bowl, he or she must start over. Every participant should go twice. The team that completes all their “potty runs” wins.

For a fun twist to this game, have the participants put on balloons or cushions on their waists as they waddle along. It’ll make them feel as if they’re really pregnant!

Tinkle in the Pot is a great, energy-filled game that can be played at any baby shower. Try this for your baby shower and have fun laughing with everyone as they waddle towards their “potties” like real pregnant women! For more games and ideas on baby showers, read Baby Shower Ideas.

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